The “Live Intentionally” Memory Care Program

The “Live Intentionally” Memory Care Program was specially created to provide support and tailored care for residents with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. With so many different facets devoted to supporting residents throughout their journey—from encouraging their independence to improving their quality of life by nourishing their mind and engaging their interests—“Live Intentionally” is only dedicated memory care program like it in the Valley.

As fearless advocates for persons living with dementia, our team preserves dignity, shows love and provides opportunities for purposeful pursuits. In daily life, our community offers:

CARINGLive Intentionally Memory Care Program

We care deeply about whole person care. That is why we focus on growing our knowledge of dementia, how to support those living with it, and how to nurture all aspects of well-being. Our staff are expertly trained and empowered to provide the care people need, when and how they need it.


We curate a lifestyle of purpose. Creating a cadence that inspires residents to live out their potential, we thoughtfully design each day with residents’ hobbies, interests, histories and unique abilities in mind. Inspiring residents to live intentionally isn’t just a philosophy, it’s what we do.


We foster authentic connection by providing opportunities to get to know each other and share meaningful experiences for everyone who works, lives and visits our communities. It is the intentional touches like those of our “Feels like Home” and “Hands to Help” programs that go deeper in connecting people at the heart level. It’s a difference you can feel.