We wanted to share a priceless family story that recently occurred at Paintbrush! Ross has made Paintbrush his home since January, 2021.  His sister, Zelda came to visit in July.  She loved it so much, Zelda and her husband, Louie moved into Paintbrush in August! Zelda surprised Ross by showing up during a group activity and broke the news that she and Louie would be seeing a whole lot more of Ross now that they lived in the same community. He was so touched, holding back tears of joy.  Ross and Zelda are two of 14 children, and both have twin siblings – family is everything to them!

At Paintbrush, we cherish time spent with family and friends.  There is never enough of it, and the joy it brings is unmatched.

Ross and Zelda Reunited at Paintbrush